Technology for tomorrow and years to come!

Technology for tomorrow and years to come!


Virtual Try On Glasses

This application is a limited demo of the software developed by Matrix Precise. Try any glasses on immediately, from a comfort of your home!


This simple application illustrates how machine learning can help apply instant changes on any video stream, – think of Photoshopping any video in real time, applying modifications on the fly!

Handwriting Recognition

Processing tons of handwritten papers have never been easier with deep learning approach enhanced by evolutionary algorithms! Turn any handwriting, even your doctor’s, into clear searchable text in less than a second!

Image Recognition

Image Stitching

This demo illustrates examples of stitching Xray images. Due to outer body boundaries in neighboring Xray images may be obtained in different contrast, automatic alalysis is performed before stitching to identify high contrast inner areas such as bones. Then stitching is performed to align such inner areas.

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